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The Tori Amos Ears With Feet Community

May. 5th, 2005

11:23 pm - fun

So I had one community based around Tori. I moved it though. goodlilroses if anyone wants to join.
It used to be theaddicted41

*if you like making and posting graphics
*if you want t claim a song
*if you want to ask question
*or just find other tori fans

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May. 4th, 2005

07:34 pm - Photos

finally had the time to get on to post these...

They are from the Chicago meet and greet... (4/15/05)

Comments.. PLEASE!!
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Apr. 10th, 2005

11:50 am

I am saddened by this, but I won't be able to attend the Tori show in Dallas after all. My tickets are up on ebay if anyone is interested.....


Feb. 26th, 2005

01:55 pm - Tori Amos analogy?

"Tori Amos is a white, modern-day Nina Simone."

Discuss. x-posted to a few Tori LJs.

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Feb. 23rd, 2005

12:45 am - Tori Amos painting

I did a Tori Amos Painting :)
click here to see tori amos paintingCollapse )

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Feb. 19th, 2005

05:10 pm

If this isn't allowed, just simply delete this post.
Join __toriamos!

Feb. 6th, 2005

04:32 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Greta & I just joined. What are some of your favorite Tori songs?
Here is mine: Crucify, Professional Widow, Spark, Cruel, Iieee, Raspberry Swirl, Black Dove (January), Strange Little Girl, Amber Waves, & probably others I can't think of right now.

08:54 am - Scarlet the First: Sangria and donuts...

This is the first of a series. The subject: Hangin' with Scarlet. Take a read; it might be worth something (or not), but I daresay even Tori herself would have a laugh at the what-if's and could-be's...

Our First Talk...Collapse )

For those wondering if I've possibly lost my mind (or would just like to laugh at me while I try this strange writing thing I've yet to know), this is a response to a challenge. If you're interested, and want to read more, let me know, and I'll post it here.


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Feb. 3rd, 2005

08:45 pm - Official Beekeeper Release Party in Texas!!

Official Tori Amos CD Release Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, Texas! (And possibly other cities--read on!)
Monday, February 21st 8:30 pm ‘til 12 AM

Join us at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas in the historic Cheese Club to celebrate the new Tori Amos release “The Beekeeper” and her new book Piece by Piece, co-written with Ann Powers. Drink specials include $3 Raspberry Swirl Margaritas, $5 Sweet Sangrias, and $5 Beekeeper Martinis.

Participate in Tori trivia, brought to you by the North Texas ToriFest. Also giveaways from SONY BMG Music Entertainment! Preview the new songs and be the first to pick up your copy of the book and cd from Tower Records! This evening promises to be a great time, so get down to the Hard Rock and see what the “BUZZ” is about.

Please contact Jeff at the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas at (214) 855-0015 or Raven at the North Texas ToriFest at (214) 437-2948. Or go to
for more information.

Details on possible parties at the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio parties are forthcoming. Stay tuned to the website for details.


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